The Boardroom Bound® program is an award winning national organization that since 1999 represents a paradigm-changing innovation in the way next-generation business leaders are prepared and selected for board governance in the 21st century.

About Us

Boardology™ is the art and science of quality corporate governance, which means that board directors focus on balancing the profit factor by considering the environment and corporate social responsibility impact into policy decisions.

Our Mission of “Fostering quality governance through inclusive leadership in America’s boardrooms” predates the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission effort to address the ways board directors are identified and selected in 2009. Today, the SEC requires publicly traded companies to report on their board diversity policies in their annual proxy statements. Our three cornerstones in fostering quality corporate governance involve:

1. Advancing new standards for board candidacy in preparing and sourcing pre-qualified candidates

2. Building a premier diverse and inclusive board service pipeline that promotes public service as a core value and responsibility

3. Championing corporate governance preparedness through progressive board service experience and opportunities.

Boardroom Bound has developed a Framework to address these cornerstones. We call it our Diverse Talent Pipeline Delivery System.  Our system has three central elements that are sequentially related to moving individuals through our pipeline.  They are:

Boardology™ Institute: Training & Education

National Candidate Database©: Repository of Pre-qualified Candidates

Candidate Referral Services: Promotional Service

Our Programs & Clientele

Boardroom Bound is comprised of programs that are designed to address both the demand and the supply side of the director-candidate/corporate board service equation. These programs include:

  • Boardology™ Institute
  • National Candidate Database©
  • National Candidate Referral Service

We offer resources and developmental programs for:

  • Individuals seeking to enter the board service pipeline
  • Companies seeking to attain more inclusion in their boardrooms
  • Organizations seeking information on the governance industry
  • Services Offered

    BOARDOLOGY 400© - 2-Day+Pipeline Seminar

    For executives preparing to transition from nonprofit leadership and governance experience to business board service.


    • Individual coaching, Lunch & Learn group sessions & career-building training workshops.


    • Keynote Speakers, Break-out Sessions, Panelists & more.


    • Individual coaching and the Boardology™ 400 Pipeline Seminar©.

    Who Benefits & How

    Individuals can assess their current qualifications, perform an analysis designed to fill in any identified gaps, and utilize Boardroom Bound resources and tools to create a personal Strategic Plan for securing a directorship. Upon pre-qualification, they will have a Champion in Boardroom Bound to promote their candidacy for corporate board service.

    Companies and Industry will be perceived as trendsetters in recapturing public trust and will access pre-qualified director-candidates on a more cost efficient basis. Also, they will enhance their pro-diversity initiatives.

    Placement Firms that sponsor our program can gain access to a new pool of talent through the Boardroom Bound Candidate Database.