Boardology™ Institute Group & Individual Services

Pipeline Seminar – 2 Day Group Experience

Boardology™ 400 – The Pipeline Seminar©

For business leaders who seek to transition from non-profit governance to for-profit business board service. Designed to test participant readiness to both serve on a for-profit board and their ability to fit in the boardroom; train them in for-profit governance requirements, roles and responsibilities, liability and risk issues, the regulatory environment and such nuts and bolts issues as preparing paperwork and themselves for a board appointment interview; educate them how to develop and execute a personalized Strategic Appointment Action Plan and how to work with executive search specialists in attaining an appointment as additional options for attendees in pursuit of their appointment goal(s). Features a mix of corporate CEOs, board chairs and directors as well as presenters who are experts in board service related fields.

Features pre-work in advance of the Seminar helps participants maximize their learning experience. Their time in the Pipeline is dictated by addressing any developmental issue(s) revealed by testing. 

Introductory Workshop (60-90 Minutes)

For companies – Group session is designed to introduce unit directors and executive staff to the concept of how to use business board service as a career building tool.

Introductory Lunch & Learn Sessions (60-90 Minutes)

For companies – Session is designed to introduce unit directors and executive staff to the concept of how to use business board service as a career building tool.

Career Building (1-Day)

For companies – Single-day group session designed to help mid-level staff develop external leadership credentials that will increase their value to the company.

Seminars, Coaching & Referral Services

Individualized Coaching Services

The Case for Additional Coaching Categories

Recognizing that the business population contains diverse leaders whose credentials are similar and or exceed those of sitting directors, we established coaching categories designed to fast forward their entry into our National Candidate Database in order to expedite our ability to pre-qualify them for service.

Boardology 100 – Introductory Coaching©

Coaching designed to help individuals identify the steps they can take to mold themselves as viable director candidates in preparation for attending the Boardology™400 Pipeline Seminar©.

Boardology 401 – Momentum Coaching©

Research established that seminar participants who participate in some form of program follow-up benefit from what Sociologists term, the “Momentum Factor.” Repeated requests from Seminar participants for follow up assistance with their developmental issues inspired the program’s Seminar Momentum Coaching Service to help them reduce lost momentum and extended time in the pipeline by accelerating the rate by which participants are pre-qualified for being listed in the program’s National Candidate Database©, the precursor step to entering the program’s Candidate Referral Service.

Boardology 500 – Advanced Coaching©

Coaching designed to: Help the candidate transform their leadership credentials and skill set into a board focused bio; assess their capabilities and qualities to discover the best board fit; and create a personalized Strategic Action Plan to help them obtain their first board seat. Upon completion enter them in the Database and forward their information to the Candidate Referral Service.

Boardology 501 – Pre-Interview©

Coaching designed to help the candidate prepare for an appointment interview by coaching them how to perform the necessary due diligence on themselves and the company interviewing plus coaching to increase the candidate’s confidence and ability to perform well during the interview.

Boardology 600 – Accelerated©

Coaching appropriate for those who have corporate board experience but aren’t currently a sitting board member or who seek to add an additional Directorship.

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