What is Boardroom Bound?

Boardroom Bound is a 501(c) (3) national award-winning organization. Our program represents a new way to introduce next generation, diverse business leaders to board of director governance.

Recent national events indicate that public trust in corporate America has again decreased dramatically. Reports point to a lack of accountability on the part of many corporate boards and the need to change how board members are selected. Until now there has been no effort from Main Street to align governance developmental steps – steps that include opportunities to transition non-profit board governance to private business and publicly traded company boardrooms.

Our programs fill that void in the board governance industry. Our approach to engaging in the board service industry is to respond to developments currently driving the need for change in the boardroom. Changes represented by the demise of the CEO-centric board, federal compliance legislation and demographics require a new paradigm. Ours is to prepare talent in the diversity aggregate to engage in governance leadership preparation for the point in time when increasing numbers of companies make diversity and inclusionary practices a primary focus.

This approach is consistent with the twin attributes now becoming prized for corporate governance: Independence via its “outside” status and multiple perspectives. The diversity aggregate is now sufficiently represented in the C-Suite, business ownership, university and non-profit presidents as well as retiring lawmakers and military officers to merit preparation today for the role they will inevitably play in boardrooms of the future.

Failing to focus on diverse and inclusive practices in the American boardroom puts our nation’s ability to maintain its already waning market share at risk. This is especially true in an era when nation’s like China and India are emerging as strong market competitors.