Why Be A Director?

Just as military service protects our nation’s safety, business board service protects our nation’s economy. Regardless of whether the American corporate boardroom has been inclusive in the past, different times call for increasing diversity. Business leaders in the diversity aggregate hold the keys to America’s future position in the global economy. This makes now the time for tomorrow’s diverse leaders to enter governance training. Now is the time also for companies to champion better governance in their boardrooms by opening them to fresh perspectives and professionally trained directors.

The post-Enron era and more recently the sub-prime mortgage crisis are the best reminders that progressive governance training for next-generation business leaders is needed. Because these leaders are more diverse than their predecessors they are less tied to the systemic problems that contributed to a worldwide financial crisis in 2008. Therein lies the case to place these next-generation leaders on a sequential and inclusive leadership training track that will ultimately lead to better governance in the American corporate boardroom and better governance through professionalization and diversification.

Board Service Benefits include but are not limited to…

  • Opportunities to make a difference. Teach others AND influence company ethics
  • Develop an influential network
  • Increased influence
  • Remain actively involved after retirement
  • Compensation ranging from $5-45,000 annually – in the private sector – S&P 500 average $150,000-217,000 (The Conference Board 1999 Report)