Our vision is to be America’s premiere source of diverse director-candidates advancing a new paradigm for corporate governance leadership”.

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  • Do you have business and leadership experience and aspirations for private and public board service?
  • Are you on the corporate fast track in a leadership position or do you own your own firm?
  • Are you an advocacy group leader and trade association officer?
  • Are you a cabinet-level and elected official?
  • Have you ever served on a board?
  • Have you served on a non-profit board?
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Interested in learning the “ABCs” of becoming a director candidate in preparation for business board service? Then you need to know about the Boardroom Bound® Pipeline Seminar: “Into the Pipeline – Preparing Independent, Diverse Director Candidates for Corporate Board Service.

The Black Tie Gala will showcase inclusive company governance leadership Today and the foresight necessary to prepare next generation business leaders to deliver quality governance leadership Tomorrow.

What is Boardroom Bound?

Boardroom Bound is a 501(c) (3) national award-winning organization. Our program represents a new way to introduce next generation, diverse business leaders to board of director governance.

Recent national events indicate that public trust in corporate America has again decreased dramatically. Reports point to a lack of accountability on the part of many corporate boards and the need to change how board members are selected. Until now there has been no effort from Main Street to align governance developmental steps – steps that include opportunities to transition non-profit board governance to private business and publicly traded company boardrooms.

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“Attending the Boardology Pipeline Seminar taught me it is possible to translate non-profit board experience to the business boardroom with the right kind of preparation. Now I know what to do, a Strategic Plan to help me do it myself plus Boardroom Bound’s Referral Service helping to promote me to companies.”Gregory Hinton, Senior Director Sourcing & Diversity U.S. Cellular

Recent Appointments.

  • 2010

    Yasmin T. Bates-Brown, has been appointed to the board of directors for Blue Cross Blue Shield, IL.

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  • 2010

    Julie England, has been appointed to the board of directors at Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE) in Philadelphia, PA in 2010.

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  • 2008

    Christian Burgazzi, has been appointed to the five-member board of directors of Cenco Zotti, S.A., a 40 year old chemical…

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Who Qualifies?


  • Those who have never served on a board but have business & leadership experience and aspirations for private & public board service.
  • Those who are serving on their first corporate board.
  • People who are on the corporate fast track in leadership positions, or who own their own firms.
  • Top advocacy group leaders and trade association officials; Cabinet level and elected officials.

Why Be A Director?

Just as military service protects our nation’s safety, business board service protects our nation’s economy. Regardless of whether the American corporate boardroom has been inclusive in the past, different times call for increasing diversity. Business leaders in the diversity aggregate hold the keys to America’s future position in the global economy. This makes now the time for tomorrow’s diverse leaders to enter governance training. Now is the time also for companies to champion better governance in their boardrooms by opening them to fresh perspectives and professionally trained directors.

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